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Local Internet Marketing

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Our History


Reviews & Local Directory Listings

Begins offering local online directories marketing, including publishing medical & dental practice listings on the top 100 local Internet directories, launch of ReviewGuild.com to provide review alerts, and TopSelf.net.

Social Media Marketing

DemandAdvisor’s parent company, Aidris, launches Social Media Marketing for leading companies in North America, including top medical and dental companies. Initial launch is for large companies, later expaned to provide profiles on the top 300 social media sites and conducting regular social postings for local medical & dental practices.

Medical & Dental Online Expansion

Partnership to provide online channel marketing for top medical & dental manufacturing companies, which eventually included P&G, Allergen, Karl Storz Endoscopy, Stryker, Thoratec, Discus Dental, DenMat, & more, DemandAdvisor focuses on local Internet Marketing for medical & dental practices across North America.

Introduces Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or PPC (Pay-Per Click) Advertising

Partnership with GoTo for PPC advertising (expanded to include Google, in 2001, Yahoo!, in 2003, & MicroSoft / Bing, in 2005). Initial launch is for large companies, later provided to local medical & dental practices.

Online Internet Marketing

Launch of national & Internet Marketing programs, including Search Engine Optimizations (SEO), Website Design, and Online Advertising to Fortune 1,000 companies including top medical & dental manufactures, based on the recently released Netscape broswer.

DemandAdvisor Launched

Partnering with multiple Fortune 1,000 companies, Aidris launches DemandAdvisor to help leading companies in North America, including top medical and dental companies, solve local marketing needs by helping local businesses, including medical & dental practices, to promote branded services.

Medical & Dental Local Internet Marketing

Localized Internet Marketing that Meets the Unique Needs of Doctors and Dentists.

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