Why DemandAdvisor Is Right for Your Dental Practice


  • Lack of Time & Expertise: Medial & Dental Practices need Internet and mobile advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), & PPC ads, but learning Internet marketing is a time-consuming educational process and devoting your valuable time, or the time of your staff, is costly. In addition, practices don’t have the budget to suffer through the errors of navigating the complexities of Internet search advertising.
  • Lack of Marketing Funds: Most dental practices do not have significant funds to devote to marketing & advertising. A typical, effective Internet advertising agency charges $5,000 or more per month. This is typically too high a burden for most dental offices.
  • Industry Outsiders are Ineffective: Even the most effective Internet ad agencies consistently fail within the dental industry. Agencies that are not exclusively focused on medicine and dentistry have little understanding of dental products, procedures, & brands, legal concerns & regulatory challenges, promotions & trends, & other vital knowledge required to be effective with dental consumer Internet advertising. In addition, industry outsiders have not led Internet advertising for leading dental companies, and therefore have a severe lack of competitive & marketplace intelligence which is required to efficiently help dental practices compete within their local markets.

YOUR SOLUTION: DemandAdvisor

  • We Deliver Value: DemandAdvisor provides dental offices with localized consumer Internet marketing solutions that are engineered to be both effective & cost-effective, so they deliver maximum value to the practice. As dental local Internet marketing experts, we make sure your practice gets the maximum number and highest quality of new patient inquires for your budget as quickly as possible.
  • We are Dental Marketing Experts: We have specific and unique dental marketing experience to put to work for your practice. For over 20 years, DemandAdvisor has been helping dentists with local Internet Marketing. In addition, we’ve provided marketing and Internet marketing services, including Internet advertising, SEM, and PPC advertising, for some of the leading dental companies and their top brands for over 2 decades. You work with, admire and purchase products and services from these companies everyday. So who better to help you then the same company that helps them?
  • We Focus on Local Programs Only: We have implemented localized dental Internet advertising, PPC, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) programs for dental practices in nearly every corner of North America. We know how to make Internet advertising work for your practice within your local market. In addition, for many plans, we provide geographic exclusivity. By ensuring that the dental practices we work with are not competing against each other, we form long-term partnerships focused on maximizing the return of each and every practice we help – so sign up now!
    We have Exclusive Industry Relationships: Not only do we have decades-long relationships within the Internet & marketing industry, we have strong relationships within the dental industry, which we leverage for our clients.

Dental Local Internet Marketing

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